Poemas (LI): «Dreamers», de Andrew Redmond Barr

Moito me presta e moita é a envexa que me dá ler bitácoras como a de National Collective. Artists and Creatives for Scottish Independence. Haberá algunha vez na nosa nación milenaria unha iniciativa semellante? Moito teremos que andar.
A asociación, que xunta artistas, cineastas, escritores/as…, autodefínese deste xeito: «National Collective is an open and non-party political platform for artists and creatives to engage with the Scottish independence campaign.
With the most exciting political period for centuries fast approaching Scotland, now is the time for the country’s creative community to help shape the vision of a new society and nation» .
Entre as súas numerosas e ben interesantes colaboracións reproduzo deseguida un poema soberanista intitulado «Dreamers» da autoría de Andrew Redmond Barr. Velaquí:
That man who supports independence
Him in that parliament; him on the telly – aye, him
Papers say he’s the only one to share the dream, don’t they
He’s only one man mind you.
But see that mother who supports independence
Lives down the road from me – aye, her
Wakes up, rubs her eyes, brews the tea
Comes by with her shopping and all that
Has three kids, penniless as she is
Wants them to go to university she says
She’s only one mother mind you.
And see that guy who supports independence
Spoke to him on the bus to work – aye, him
Works a shift, dreams, gets by
Says he’s all green; windfarms, nae trident and that
Wants a government closer to home
So’s he can keep up a wage
He’s only one guy mind you.
And see that migrant who supports independence
Came from India with his family – aye, him
Lives in the old tenements
True Scotsman to the bone
Says India did it years ago: What’s taking you so long?
Self-governance, the human struggle and all that
He’s only one migrant mind you.
And see that teacher who supports independence
Works in that school round the corner – aye, her
Holds class, reads books, tells stories
The power of imagination! she tells them
And they listen to her and dream
Says it’s a new chapter, a new start and all that
She’s only one teacher mind you.
But see what the papers call a one-man band
All posturing, politics and that
Sounds more like an orchestra out on the streets
Waking restless dreamers to a call.
Andrew Redmond Barr
National Collective

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